5 reasons why Cannabis edibles may be the perfect COVID-19 snack

5 reasons why Cannabis edibles may be the perfect COVID-19 snack

Cannabis edibles may be one of the best Corona-19-times activities you can engage in, and the COVID craze cannot take away your pleasure in living. Let’s be frank here: COVID-19 cut our wings. If you love to be around other people, your loss is immeasurable, and even if you’re more of a stay-at-home guy, Netflix and video games are your fun ideas; you probably like to have the option of leaving home.

Well, it is not like we can’t leave home because we can, if we’re masked and respecting the social distancing, but there are group activities that demand close contact. Some of them are the best options to relieve our stress and anxiety (sports, sex, you got the drill), and God knows how people are stressed right now.  And today, I’ll show five reasons why eating cannabis edibles may be one of the best Corona-19-times activities you can engage in. No, that’s not stoner gibberish, believe me! 

Cannabis edibles-Cookies
Cannabis edibles-Cookies


1. It helps you relax

This one is a given: cannabis is quite famous for relaxing people. I’ll not enter too many details here. Still, the two main cannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are a massive help against problems that are very common in a quarantine, such as anxiety, insomnia, and many others. And we’re not even necessarily talking about the “high” effect certain strains rich in THC cause, which is also very relaxing.

There is also the silly factor of eating edibles while watching TV and using the internet. Whenever you decide to use one of those media, chances are that you will be sooner or later showered with COVID-19-related news. It is essential to be updated, but being bombarded with them all the time is one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety among the population. So yeah, control yourself, and do another activity instead, like…


2. Creativity 

Gardening can be very, very relaxing for some people. It is actually one of those things a psychologist would recommend to a patient, and growing plants or cannabis will be a new and challenging experience. Cannabis certainly isn’t the easiest plant to grow, but it is perfectly doable indoors or outdoors if legal in your country. There are some other bonuses you’ll get by exercising this green thumb of yours, like getting higher quality weed, having a little more privacy regarding your marijuana needs, and of course, the fact that you will not need to leave your home and enter in direct contact with someone else to buy it while risking getting infected by COVID-19.

But that is not the only new activity you can start because cooking or baking with cannabis became one of the most sought-after activities during this crisis, and hey, delicious weed cookies or cannabis-infused food may bring out a latent potential you have.


3. It is enjoyable to do by yourself

Baking a nice and tasty weed brownie, then eating the treat: how will you not have a blast doing it? Eating pot is one of those activities that is perfectly enjoyable to do by yourself: With some edibles in your system, dull things suddenly get interesting, boring songs suddenly get a whole new depth, and your creative side wakes up with a kick! After one long day of tiresome working from home, just bake or cook something and infuse it with cannabis. Be aware cannabis stays longer in your system and you may want to take it easy on the amount of cannabis you use. Some activities worth trying while high include meditation, writing a new song or a story, journaling, or reading a novel. Maybe drawing a little bit or doodling something silly? It doesn’t matter if you are all about exercising your creative side or just chilling; cannabis edible is the ultimate all-by-yourself activity for the COVID-19 era, even if you really, really enjoy other people’s company.


4. It is easily doable respecting physical distancing rules

There is no reason to be sad because sharing edibles with your friends is also easily doable while respecting distancing rules! Keeping yourself about two arms’ length far from other people is one of the most important recommendations by the CDC, WHO, and other organizations dealing with the COVID-19 menace. It is good to respect it. Seriously, you can still enjoy the pleasures of weed with your friends with no problems whatsoever; try not to share your blunt with anyone since this action has a high risk of transmission.


5. It is a better alternative to smoking Cannabis edibles

Some people prefer smoking cannabis, while others prefer to make some edibles and munch it all, and of course, there is no right and wrong here. However, you should be aware that, during these trying times, the edible option is way better. Cannabis and COVID-19 do not have any close relation with each other. Still, smoking is risky during this crisis because of its intrinsic damage to the lungs, especially if an incredibly infectious respiratory disease is on the loose. However, lung inflammation is not a problem with edibles in the scene. It may even be good for you! THC is an excellent bronchial dilator; CBD may have an incredible anti-inflammatory effect on humans. It’s every benefit you can get from weed, minus lung inflammation.

To wrap it all up, munching some cannabis edibles is quite the intelligent cannabis hobby to practice during COVID-19 times: It is relaxing, can be done by yourself or safely with others, has every benefit of smoking weed minus the cons, and it brings together with it chill activities such as gardening and baking. The whole package! Just be extra careful with overdoing it: edibles take some time to hit, so appreciate them calmly.

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